What Facebook Messenger redesign seeks to achieve

Facebook Messenger’s redesign has seen the application add a number of tabs including; Home, Favorites and Birthday Reminder tabs.

It is evident that there are efforts to detach Messenger from the main Facebook application and the new features are just about everything needed to achieve that.

Contacts, calls, groups and profile tabs are also included on the bottom navigation bar while the top bar has been converted into a search bar slot similar to Facebook mobile appearance.  Home tab on the other hand organizes Messenger into recent conversations, favorites, active users, and messages.

Messenger has in the recent weeks also added a new emoji game and SMS capabilities some of the new features that are aimed at making it all different and a separate app.

Messenger application basically seeks to enable you do almost everything on the chat and rely on it for almost everything to do with interactions with friends. Most of us already spend a lot of time on Facebook however much we would want to deny it. Now with the new additions on Messenger a number of us will just have to spend even more time on the platform.

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