Yahoo View is here: Yahoo launches TV watching site

Yahoo has launched a new TV watching site which features free content from Hulu.

This makes Yahoo one of the providers of Hulu TV shows and movies for free. Hulu is closing up its free version in favor of paid content, which has a subscription base of around 12m.

According to TechCrunch-which together with Yahoo are both owned by Verizon-the deal between Yahoo and Hulu has been in the works for around six months, even though the relationship between the two companies, which had Yahoo act as a distributor of Hulu content, has been in existence for six years.

Yahoo View is also part of the Yahoo-owned blogging platform Tumblr which is an online platform for a number of TV followers, now it will be easier for TV show fans to share whatever they want on Tumblr while getting content from Yahoo View.

Hulu content is also available on Comcast and sites like, EW, and New York Magazine among others.

Yahoo View will not be live on mobile right away but in the near future.

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