YouTube rival Amazon Video Direct launched

Amazon, one of the biggest online retail firm has unveiled a new service dubbed Amazon Video Direct which will allow users to post videos and earn royalties.

The service is expected to rival YouTube which basically does what Amazon Video Direct aims to do. With the Amazon service viewers can rent, buy or watch content for free with adverts or pay a certain amount to watch content without the ads, the ad-free offer is available to Amazon Prime members.

The service will be made available at first in Germany, Australia, Japan, UK and the US. 

Fullscreen an online talent firm also launched its subscription video platform just a few weeks ago and Amazon’s entrance will be watched closely as its model is nothing far from YouTube which has been around for a while and has major content generating firms on its platform.

For content creators on the other hand, the avenues for getting their content out there are growing day by day and the entrance of Amazon is a plus for them. So you creators out there make more of that content and go upload! But before you get all excited, a rather interesting fact is after a keen look one will notice that some of the provisions on this service are targeting major media houses.

To understand how the Amazon Video Direct will be a success these questions need be answered: What does Amazon have up its sleeves? How will the attract more content and pull subscribes from YouTube? While most video platform have gone for the niche markets, Amazon wants to go head on with a giant, what does that mean?

Well all those questions will be answered with time

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