Zoom Launches Zoom For Home For Those Working Remotely

It has been a season of successes for Zoom since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, forcing many people to change their lifestyle and a shift in how we work. Across the globe, several companies have been forced to lay off their staff and allow members, if not all, their teams to work or conduct crucial business meetings from home. Learning institutions have not been spared either; they have been forced to hold meetings and conduct classes online, making the internet, even more, a core part of nearly everyone’s existence.

While all these changes take effect, one company named Zoom operating from its headquarters in San Jose in the United States has been raking in billions and billions of dollars with reports indicating that their shares have risen fourfold. According to its First Quarter Results for Fiscal Year 2021, the company is registered total revenue of $328.2 million, up 169%. The company also recorded Approximately 265,400 customers with more than 10 employees, up 354% year-over-year (more than 200 million) daily users up from a previous 10 million. This thanks to the shift to online operations and the work-from-home frenzy that has seen many people prefer Zoom’s video-conferencing service to conduct their businesses.

As the company basks in its profits glory, it has launched a new product for home use called Zoom For Home. The original product features software and hardware devices made for those professionals working remotely.

The Zoom For Home variant features all Zoom software and integrates with the user’s calendar, status, contacts, and meeting settings and schedules. Users will be able to log into Zoom for Home-compatible devices with their Zoom credentials and will be able to work with all Zoom Meeting licenses from basic to the enterprise. The new product is also compatible with Zoom Room Appliances, providing an expanded choice list for those working from home.

The company has partnered with third-party manufactures to make its hardware, its first official product is created through a collaboration with DTEN a company specializing in conference room products, their tablet-like 27-inch product is called DTEN ME for Zoom which is an all-in-one device communication and collaboration center that eliminates the need for desk phone, webcam, microphone, speakers, extra monitor, and whiteboards. The DTEN ME is available to buy on preorder for a price of $599 and will start shipping in August.

Check out DTEN ME product video here:


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